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Meet the Founder and Editor-in-Chief

At the nexus of business, technology, and social entrepreneurship, Alykhan is a catalyst for lasting social change. Alykhan is a public speaker, mental health futurist, and youth advocate focusing on the intersection of business, technology and entrepreneurship and is informed by the rich tradition of science, math, and technology of his Islamic faith. He can […]

From the Perspective of a Former Muslim: I Voted For Hillary Clinton, Yet My Vote Was Counted As Donald Trump’s

Written By Faizaan Jaffer, a student at Western University studying Honors Economics, Politics, and Philosophy. Faizaan has been an Atheist for 5 years and is no longer Muslim. He has given us permission to share his thoughts on the unexpected election results. DISCLAIMER: This is simply self-expression. I did not write this with the intention […]

Yasyf Mohamedali: Now What

Written By Yasyf Mohamedali, Computer Science & Engineering Student at MIT. Republished with permission. He can be found on Twitter @Yasyf. Going to jump on the posting unsolicited thoughts bandwagon. There are a lot of people out there trivializing the danger of electing Trump, a man who targets and hates people based on their gender […]

The combat of Islamophobia through CBCs Little Mosque on the Prairie: How does the medias portrayal of Islam need to change to contribute to the acceptance of Muslims in Western countries?

At a time when Islamophobia has reached a renewed peak, it is necessary to better understand Muslims to prevent targeted violence, misunderstanding, and to support peace and coexistence among all regardless of faith (or no faith) and background. I believe this could be tactfully achieved by returning to Canadian television sitcom Little Mosque on the […]