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From the Perspective of a Former Muslim: I Voted For Hillary Clinton, Yet My Vote Was Counted As Donald Trump’s

Written By Faizaan Jaffer, a student at Western University studying Honors Economics, Politics, and Philosophy. Faizaan has been an Atheist for 5 years and is no longer Muslim. He has given us permission to share his thoughts on the unexpected election results. DISCLAIMER: This is simply self-expression. I did not write this with the intention […]

The combat of Islamophobia through CBCs Little Mosque on the Prairie: How does the medias portrayal of Islam need to change to contribute to the acceptance of Muslims in Western countries?

At a time when Islamophobia has reached a renewed peak, it is necessary to better understand Muslims to prevent targeted violence, misunderstanding, and to support peace and coexistence among all regardless of faith (or no faith) and background. I believe this could be tactfully achieved by returning to Canadian television sitcom Little Mosque on the […]