Meet the Founder and Editor-in-Chief

At the nexus of business, technology, and social entrepreneurship, Alykhan is a catalyst for lasting social change.

Alykhan is a public speaker, mental health futurist, and youth advocate focusing on the intersection of business, technology and entrepreneurship and is informed by the rich tradition of science, math, and technology of his Islamic faith. He can be found on Twitter at @Alykhan_ where his followers link to him to keep updated on developments in business, technology and brain health research. Through his insatiable drive to stop the cycles of violence in this world, and to reach peace, he is devoted to a life of service. A champion for social change, Alykhan promotes health and peace through his mental health advocacy. Focused on eliminating the global mental health crisis, he is currently promoting alternative solutions, such as psychedelics and neurotechology.

If you want to interview him, or have an offer, opportunity, speaking engagement, or introduction that might make his life more interesting, e-mail him at Please note, however, Alykhan only responds to those proposals that are a good match for his schedule and interests.

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